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Care Assistant
Sunbeam House Services


Reporting Relationship: Client Services Manager

Location: Will be confirmed on contract

Remuneration: The salary and point on scale for the above positions will be based on qualifications and relevant experience.

 SHS’s Mission Statement:

Sunbeam House Services provides a range of supports to adults with intellectual disabilities. We aim to empower people with the necessary skills to live full and satisfying lives as equal citizens of their local communities.

 Our Vision & Values:

We ensure that this vision is delivered through our core values of Client Centred services, Committed to being and doing the best for our Clients, Staff and Organisation, in and for the Communities we work in whilst Caring for our Clients, our Staff and our Organisation, in Collaboration with the Community and our partners and in Compliance with legal requirements and best practice.

Role Function:

The primary function of the holder of this post is to assist with implementing the policies, aims and objectives of the location in collaboration with and under supervision of senior staff in the location.

The organisation is committed to the provision of services designed to cater for the individual preferences of clients. Staff therefore must carry out their duties with regard to the philosophies as postulated by the Council on Quality and Leadership which is the Quality Standard adopted by S.H.S.

The concepts as set out in the Outcomes Process of Identity, Autonomy, Affiliation, Attainment, Safeguards, Rights and Health and Wellness, must at all times be kept in focus by staff in their delivery of services to all our clients. The provision of a quality of life and a supportive atmosphere for individuals which at all times acknowledges and respects the rights and equality and personal dignity of the individual and promotes their independence.

 Hours of Work:

Your working hours will be specified on your contract. You are expected to attend work regularly and promptly. The company works a flexible working week to serve its clients. Your Seniors Services Manager will discuss with you the normal working hours you are required to work. These may change, if so you will be given reasonable notice. The Organisation of working time Act 1997 sets a maximum average working week of 48 hours. This average is calculated over a 4-month reference period.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities:

  • The provision of a quality of life and a supportive atmosphere for individuals which at all times acknowledges and respects the rights and equality and personal dignity of the individual and promotes their independence.
  • Participating as a team member in the provision of support to the client.
  • Implementation of all company policies and local policies.
  • Reporting to the Client Services Manager on a regular basis on the effective operation of the Location.
  • Acting in such a manner as to assure a safe and effective work and living environment.
  • It is the duty of staff to report all concerns about the safety and well-being of all service users as per section 3.2 of Trust in Care.
  • Attending regular meetings as agreed.
  • Ensuring that all written records are completed and up to date as appropriate.
  • Address the basic health care needs of the individual in the Location.
  • Offering general assistance and support to clients as necessary.
  • Ensuring the general involvement and participation of all clients in the activities of the Location.
  • Supervising or helping any client to carry out duties or to undertake such duties on their behalf as may be necessary.
  • Encouraging the active participation of volunteers, clients’ friends and relatives in the activities of the Location, as approved.
  • Developing close contacts with the local community and actively encouraging community integration for the individuals living or working in the house, as approved.
  • Being a proactive advocate on behalf of the individual.
  • Where necessary, implementing programmes designed to assist a client in learning new skills.
  • Acting as keyworker for individual clients as agreed.
  • Assisting in the provision of a high standard of hygiene and organisation within the house.
  • Acting as a responsible member of the team in promoting good communication and good teamwork skills within the location.
  • Administering Medication in line with company policy
  • Driving company vehicle and/or own vehicle
  • Participating in swimming activities as required
  • Participating in activities alongside client as detailed in their Personal Outcome goals
  • Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Client Services Manager


Health & Safety Responsibilities:

All employees have general statutory obligations under Section 13 and 14 of the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 as follows:

  • Comply with relevant statutory provisions and take reasonable care for their own safety, health and welfare and that of any other person who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work.
  • Co-operate with Sunbeam House Services and any other person in order to enable relevant statutory provisions to be complied with.
  • Not engage in improper conduct or other behavior that is likely to endanger their own safety, health and welfare at work or that of any other person.
  • Attend training as required particularly training in relation to safety, health and welfare at work or relating to the job carried out.
  • Make correct use of the safety equipment, clothing or training provided, or other items provided for their safety, health and welfare while at work.
  • Not to intentionally, recklessly, or without reasonable cause, interfere with, misuse or damage any appliance or safety equipment provided to secure the safety health or welfare of persons arising at work.
  • Not to intentionally or recklessly place at risk the safety, health or welfare of other staff, clients, contractors or visitors or any person in connection with work activities.
  • Report to the Senior Services Manager/Client services Manager without delay any defects in equipment, article or substance, place of work, or systems of work which might be a danger to safety, health and welfare of which they are aware.
  • Report to the Senior Services Manager/Client services Manager without delay any work being carried on or likely to be carried on in a manner that might be a danger to safety, health and welfare of which they are aware, and any contravention of the relevant statutory provisions that may be a danger to safety, health and welfare of which they are aware.
  • Report all accidents immediately no matter how trivial to the Senior Services Manager/Client services Manager and Safety Officer using the organisation’s Accident Report Form.
  • Ensure they are not under the influence of an intoxicant to the extent that they are a danger to their own safety health or welfare at work or that of any other person, and submit to any appropriate, reasonable and proportionate tests by a competent person if reasonably required by Sunbeam House Services.

In addition, staff are reminded that:

  • They are not allowed to attend the premises or carry out duties whilst under the influence of drink or illicit drugs. Any person found breaking this rule will be liable to instant dismissal.
  • Any person who becomes aware that they are suffering from any disease or physical or mental impairment which would be likely to cause them to expose themselves or others to a risk of danger they must immediately inform their Senior Services Manager, Client Services Manager or Supervisor.
  • Any person who is under medical supervision or on prescribed medication and who has been certified fit for work should notify their Senior Services Manager, Client Services Manager or Supervisor of any known side effects or temporary disabilities which could hinder their work performance and which may be a danger to themselves, their fellow workers or clients.
  • Staff may be required to undergo a medical assessment of their fitness to perform work activities that give rise to critical risks to the safety, health and welfare of other staff, clients or others.
  • Whilst on duty, staff are not permitted to wear any item of clothing, footwear or jewellery which may cause a risk of injury to themselves, clients or staff colleagues. Staff who work with clients must ensure they are appropriately dressed for the nature of work carried out and are aware of potential dangers to clients and themselves regarding, for example, large finger nails, shoes, belts, buckles, jewellery, ties, hair and so on. Flip-flops, mules, slippers or high heels are not suitable footwear for staff working with clients. Wearing quantities of rings or bracelets or neck chains is not appropriate. The wearing of earrings other than a simple stud is specifically prohibited. The wearing of any other type of ring in pierced areas of the body is prohibited. The direction of the Client Services Manager (or in their absence the person in charge of the work shift) and Senior Services Manager must be adhered to.


Eligibility Criteria:

Essential Qualifications required

  • Applicants must hold OR be in the process of obtaining one of the following degree level qualifications or foreign equivalent:
  • FETAC Level 5 Qualification in Social Care, Special Needs Field or Health Services Skills
  • In certain circumstances, staff that hold FETAC level 7 Degree qualifications in related areas such as psychology or social work may be considered for application, however in such instances and pending the final report of the Joint Committee established to agree approved courses, discretion lies with Sunbeam House Services.
  • Full clean drivers licence as driving may be part of role.

Applicants must have:

  • One year’s post qualification experience of working with adults with intellectual disability
  • Experience of working alone in a one to one environment as well as experience of team work
  • Experience of dealing with behaviours that challenge and with behavioural supports
  • Experience in supporting clients with all activities of daily living.
  • CPI experience
  • Experience and skills in facilitating group work and community participation, whilst supporting clients in achieving their goals and priorities
  • Experience in alternative communications
  • Understanding and experience of therapeutic interventions
  • Experience of creative problem-solving techniques
  • Excellent organisation and communication skills
  • A knowledge of the HIQA regulations and standards
  • Enthusiasm, energy and creativity
  • Available to work over a seven-day work period
  • Excellent IT and report writing skills
  • Hold a full driving licence and be willing to drive location vehicles
  • Have the ability to deal with confidential information in a discreet and responsible manner.


The Role of the Key Worker in SHS

The role of the Key Worker in SHS is to coordinate the supports for key client/s in order for them to achieve their personal outcomes, build on their potential and develop positive social roles in the community. In order to achieve this, the Key Worker is required to:

Build Relationships:     

  • Get to know the interests, needs, hopes, dreams and priority goals of key client/s, by spending regular quality time together, and listening to others who know them well, and through the Personal Planning process.
  • Support the client to use their interests and skills to explore and develop a range of positive roles in the community.
  • Develop positive working relationships, and keep in regular contact with the full range of their key client’s supporters, including family members, people in the community and paid supporters (Circle of Support).
  • Support key client/s to develop, expand and maintain their Circle of Support beyond SHS.
  • Arrange regular planning meetings, include the client and people from the Circle of Support who share the client visions for the future. The client goals are the agenda for the Planning Meetings.

Share Responsibilities:

  • Encourage different individuals from the Circle of Support to be the person responsible for supporting one of the client goals.

Communicate effectively:       

  • Regularly share relevant information with key client, CSM, staff teams who work with the client and with the clients Circle of Support.
  • Keep regular contact with each of the people who have agreed to support a goal for progress update and to share this information with the client, the staff team, and others in the Circle of Support, as needed.

Record Keeping:         

  • Record relevant information and up-dates of Actions on their key clients Personal Plan, stored in the clients Personal Profile Folder.
  • Keep all information in the clients Personal Profile Folder up-to-date.
  • Support key client to keep an up-to-date record of their Personal goals themselves and who is supporting each goal, in a format and location accessible to them. This could be a photo album, a diary, a folder or a poster. This record belongs to the client. The Key Worker is responsible to support the client to add to it, and to share it with other staff/family, if they so choose.




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Instructor/ Supervisor
Sunbeam House Services


Wicklow, Ireland

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Senior Physiotherapist
Sunbeam House Services



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Community Support Worker
Sunbeam House Services